Here's How You Can Dress Like Lorde For Halloween

It's surprisingly easy to dress up like Lorde for Halloween. It's essentially the same as putting together a goth outfit; Kylie Jenner has been going goth on Instagram, as well, and it's a fairly simple look to recreate. Plus, you can use items in your costume for other events or seasons, so yay! Lorde is a positive role model for girls, and has been ever since she first burst onto the scene, singing about how she and her pals will never be "Royals" since they craved a different kind of buzz. She was rocking '90s grunge chic mixed with Wednesday Addams goth. She wore black dresses with chunky heeled boots, painted her lips a deep shade of berry or purple, and tossed a wild mane of auburn curls. Those are the beautifully simple key elements of Lorde's look, and you can easily incorporate them into your Halloween costume.

I am happy to report that Lorde isn't merely sampling trends from the decade of her birth, even though '90s fashion nostalgia is such a thing right now (see also Demi Lovato and her grunge fashion inspirations). Lorde has gotten a little snazzier with her fashions — she even posted pics of her custom Alexander Wang pieces for her tour, and has taken to showing off her midriff in two-piece pants sets (because hello, that crop top trend will never go away).

But she still has her sigs, which include the color black and big-brimmed hats, along with the porcelain skin and plum-stained lips. Her big, walks-into-a-room-30-minutes-before-she-does hair is also a key element of her image and look.

Oh, you might also want to ask your BFF to dress like Taylor Swift, who is one of Lorde's besties, and therefore a bonus element to your costume.

Here's how to dress like Lorde for Halloween.

1. The Right Wig

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The hair is crucial. Lorde's gorgeous, wild, untamed mane is hard to copy; you can't just go to Party City and find a wig that looks like her tendrils. If you want to go for it — like, really go for it — then pony up some cash for a custom wig. It can take up to two weeks to produce, so start shopping... now. This wig is very Lorde-like at $49.

2. Wide-Brimmed Black Hat (Optional)

You can jazz up your Lorde look with a wide-brimmed topper. Actually, this could be a good item to invest in. You can use it year round, beyond Halloween, like at festivals, summer picnics, winter Lorde concerts, and more. ($58, Revolve)

3. Wine-Like Lips

Lorde's matte, stained lips are definitive. Her own MAC Pure Heroine lipstick is no longer on counters, but there are similar shades, like the rich plum Heroine, pictured above.

Or try Hearts Aflame, a matte Bordeaux shade that's totally in for fall. ($16, MAC Cosmetics)

4. Don't Forget The Black Eyeliner

Lorde doesn't wear Kardashian quantities (kwantities?) of makeup, but when she does play around with cosmetics it's usually to dramatic effect. Paint your pout with a matte lipstick, and line your upper lashline with a liquid liner, like Stila Stay All Day. ($20, Sephora)

5. Dress To Impress

Lorde is all about black dresses, but not exactly LBDs. Those are too basic for her. She is more into MBDs — midi black dresses. If you want to get literal, toss on a "Royal" T-Shirt dress, like this one. ($16, Forever 21)

This lacy midi is a bit fancier, but it still has a very Lorde vibe, especially when you accessorize it. ($28, Forever 21)

This lacy number is also so, so Lorde. ($25, Forever 21)

6. Chunky Boots

These Libby platforms were hurled back from the '90s, and they are worth the spend, since you can wear them through winter. ($170, Urban Outfitters)

Prefer a bootie? These Dioon boots by Vagabond look like Lorde's. They, uh, foot the bill, too. ($155, Urban Outfitters)

Keep in mind that you can thrift these items, too. You can grab some classic or vintage LBDs and some beat up boots at your local resale shop if saving money while dressing up like Lorde for Halloween is paramount.

But you can also mix pricy and cheaper pieces and wear them long after October 31, and long after your quest to look like Lorde is in the rearview.

Images: Lorde/Instagram; Revolve; MAC (2); Forever 21 (3); Urban Outfitters (2)