Selena Gomez Had The Most Liked Photo Of NYFW

With all of the NYFW photos that have filled our newsfeeds for the past week, I don’t know how anyone could pick a favorite, but the Internet has spoken. Selena Gomez got the most liked photo during NYFW, so maybe Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have some competition on their hands. Look out, ladies!

The photo that nearly broke the Internet was of Gomez outside of the Polo Ralph Lauren show. I must admit, she was quite fashionable in her black leather romper, so I guess I can understand why she was so popular on Instagram. Between her style and her body positivity, this woman is winning people over, and her social media will only back up that statement. With 44.2 million followers, she’s got a ways to go before catching up with Kim K and T. Swift, but hey, if she already won NYFW, why can’t Instagram be the next thing she conquers?

With a feed full of fashionable selfies, posing in lingerie and stylish brunches, Gomez could very well take over the social media platform by winning the hearts of millions. See the picture liked 'round the world, plus seven other times she’s been on the heels of the most followed ladies on Insta.

Here's the snap that won Instagram.

1. Magazine Cover

She poses on covers like the best of them.

2. Off-Duty

She even looks great while taking a quick break.

3. Mirror Selfie

Kardashian, she's coming for you with those mirror selfies.

4. Coffee

That's one stylish breakfast. Robe, chandelier and all.

5. Travel-Ready

She's got this private jet thing down pat.

6. Glam Sesh

It's her openness about doing things like eating Cheetos on set that makes her so likable.

7. All-Natural

Her ability to embrace what makes her unique is also a part of why she could very well acquire more fans than anyone else on Instagram.

We could have a new "The Most Followed Person On Instagram" in the makings, everyone. And if it happens — be sure to remember that I called this one.