There Are Plenty Of Mysteries Ahead On 'Blindspot'

Well that was a pretty strong introduction to the world. The premiere of NBC's Blindspot started strong and established itself as drastically different from any of the other crime dramas currently running. When we are first introduced to Jane Doe (Thor's Jaimie Alexander), she is emerging from a large duffle bag. Like a bird cracking through its shell, one fully-tattooed arm emerges, then a shoulder, until we see her standing naked in Times Square, covered from head to toe in tattoos, and clearly terrified. All that investigators can tell about her is that she is in a chemically induced state of permanent amnesia — essentially, she is her own blind spot (see what they did there?). From that point, we are left wondering who Jane Doe really is as she proceeds to speak Mandarin, shoot a gun like a pro, and just generally kick a lot of butt.

An ace FBI agent is quickly drawn into the mystery as Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) is called in. Considering his name is tattooed across her back, he seems to be the best man to lead the operation. A gruff, hardened cop, Weller doesn't seem thrilled to be saddled with her, although — and this may just be my 'shipper heart talking — there were clearly some sparks between the reluctant partners. But romance is clearly on the back burner for this show, the much bigger mystery left is who is the bearded man, and why did Jane have her memories wiped?

Let me back up, Jane's tattoos led to them busting a man about to blow up the Statue of Liberty. In doing so, Jane triggers a memory of training with a bearded man. That same man (he is going to need a code name soon, otherwise I'll just call him TBM) is seen following them on their investigation, and later kills the bomber while the FBI has him in custody. Killing him seems to be a gruesome necessity, as apparently having the bomber get caught and killed was part of his plan. But what plan is that? And was Jane on board with all of this before she had her memories taken?

The premiere also hinted at another mystery — how is this plan connected to Agent Mayfair? She was seen flipping through a file that had also been tattooed on Jane, so clearly, she has something to hide. Last but not least, what might be the intriguing mystery yet: why did Jane ever volunteer to have her memories wiped, and why did she say that she "didn't have a choice"? The flashbacks really only served to set up more questions than anything else, and I cannot wait to get some answers as the first season of Blindspot unfolds.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/NBC (3)