'Gotham' Could Be Creating a Famous Alliance

The Gotham Season 2 premiere was filled with bad guys, making the "Villains Will Rise" tagline immediately accurate. Could new character Theo Galavan be building the Suicide Squad, a team of villains from DC Comics? Suicide Squad is already getting a movie adaptation in 2016, with Jared Leto and Margot Robbie taking on the key roles of the Joker and Harley Quinn. But it looks like Gotham might give those roles to Jerome and Barbara Kean, who were busted out of Arkham Asylum by the newly-introduced eccentric billionaire and his sister, Tabitha Galavan.

Obviously there are a lot of differences between the comic Suicide Squad and Gotham's new villainous team. The comic is made up of established villains, while Theo has decided to make his own bad guys out of Arkham patients that he thinks have potential. And the concept of Suicide Squad is to have bad guys going on missions too risky for heroes, while Theo's plan is to use these cronies to take over Gotham City, with only newly reinstated Detective Jim Gordon to defend it. Speaking of which, somehow Galavan had a relationship with Commissioner Loeb, who was forced out by Jim's mob allies.

So could Penguin wind up facing off against Galavan's Arkham crew? It would be a huge villain-vs.-villain showdown. The season trailer certainly hints at several big battle sequences, and Galavan's pitch is confident — he calls them brilliant, charismatic, and powerful.

But Babs and Jerome were already starting to build their own small alliance even before Galavan got involved. In Arkham, Barbara, who was able to make herself a very cute fitted flare skirt out of the black and white striped uniform, has finally become a fascinating character. She's become the debutante of the asylum, somehow finding fashion magazines and manipulating her way into getting a (rotary) phone so she can call Jim at all hours of the night. So to see her break out so quickly will hopefully just increase the her newfound evil. Whatever Theo's plans for city-wide domination are, whether or not they will eventually include the Suicide Squad, it sounds like he also has a fixation — and maybe even a crush — on her.

Gotham Season 2 has only just begun, but already it seems like the one person who's going to tie together Theo Galavan's evil plans and Jim Gordon's quest for justice is going to be Barbara.

Image: Nicole Rivelli/FOX