Celebs Get In On The #SmartGirlsAsk Movement

The always inspiring Amy Poehler is at it again. The actress has teamed up with the Television Academy for #SmartGirlsAsk, a Twitter campaign designed to get fans involved with the Red Carpet Emmy coverage by having their insightful questions asked, rather than an endless stream of "Who are you wearing?" questions that female celebrities usually face. The campaign has already generated lots of amazing questions, and now on Emmy eve, celebrities are getting involved with #SmartGirlsAsk by Tweeting their own questions.

TV Queen Shonda Rhimes got the party started with a question about career advice, and now celebs ranging from Girl Meets World's bright Rowan Blanchard to journalist Katie Couric are tweeting out questions they would like to see their favorite female celebs answer. Much like the #AskHerMore movement from the 2015 Oscars, #SmartGirlsAsk is designed to get the conversation off the dress and onto the person wearing the dress — which is exactly where it should be. With so many amazing actresses, female writers, and more walking the red carpet, it will be refreshing to hear these insightful women answer real questions for a change. Knowing that the very celebrities who are going to be answering the questions are excited enough to participate ahead of time only makes it clear how wonderful they all are.

Here are some of the best celeb #SmartGirlsAsk questions that have been Tweeted leading up to the big night.

Shonda Rhimes

The Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder creator took to Twitter to pose a question about career advice that I am sure the actresses walking the red carpet would love to be asked.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton got in on the game by asking women what they would do if they were President. Very appropriate considering the upcoming election, yes?

Felicia Day

Day is having a big year thanks to her book debut, and she went with a deep question about whether or not anyone almost gave up on their dreams. That's way more powerful than, "Is that a Versace?"

Rowan Blanchard

Blanchard continues being one of the most on point feminists in Hollywood with her question.

Katie Couric

I love this one. It's absolutely relevant to the industry, and it is a question critics ponder often, but it is rare you get to hear an answer from people within the industry about the curious need for female characters to be "likable."

Anna Faris

No, Faris didn't ask a question, but using the hashtag to make sure her Mom co-star knows how much she loves her is amazing. Ladies supporting ladies never gets old.

Ava DuVernay

Selma director DuVernay is advocating for her fellow female directors. With four solo female directing nominees set to walk the red carpet, it would be enlightening to hear about their careers in what is still, sadly, a male-dominated industry.

These are just a sample of the questions currently being asked. The response from fans has been amazing. Maybe red carpet reporters will get the hint this year and make the 2015 Emmy Red Carpet one for the history books.