How To Get Beyoncé's Italian Holiday Style

You know how you tend to fret and over-pack when getting ready for a summer vacation? Well, we can all take tips from Queen Bey because Beyonce's vacation style is totally on point. While most of us have been winding down our summer getaways, Beyoncé and family packed their bags and went away on a gorgeous trip to Italy. Luckily, she's been kind enough to share every moment of it on her Instagram to throw all of us into a jealous tailspin. Touring through Sardinia, this is apparently a little family tradition the Carters have. According to US Weekly, "Beyoncé, Jay Z, and their little girl, Blue Ivy Carter, continued their luxurious tradition of chartering a yacht in Italy."

US Weekly continued to report that "the family of three arrived in Naples, Italy, and boarded the Galactica Star, a luxe yacht that costs $900,000 per week to charter. From there, they set off to Capri, then continued their tour along the Amalfi Coast before sailing to the beautiful Island of Sardinia."

So, no renting an RV and driving through the Midwest for this family. However, what's arguably more enviable than Bey's trip is her vacation fashion. Filled with breezy rompers, colored lenses, flower crowns, floppy hats, and strappy summer dresses, she really looked the picture of a vacationer. There were no fanny packs or gym shoes in that suitcase.

Below are Beyoncé's vacation #OOTDs, and ways you can copy them for your last summer getaway.

1. Light Rompers

What's easier to put on during a beach day than a cute, colorful romper? It doesn't take much styling brainpower and looks chic and comfortable all at the same time.

Read It and Steep Romper in Garden, $54.99,; Tropical Print Bandeau Romper, $33,

2. Colored Lenses

Give your outfits a playful touch by leaving the black tinted lenses at home and choosing sunnies in fresh, fun colors like blue and red.

Classic aviator sunglasses, $10,

Aviator flash lenses, $170,

3. Low Cut Dresses

There's something about being on a beach (or a chartered yacht) that doesn't make you mind showing off the bulk of your cleavage. It calls for it: When you have sea salt in your hair, you can't be sitting around covered up. Opt for plunging, strappy numbers that feel both beachy and feminine.

Alice and You Cross Back Dress, $62.70,

Maxi Rainbow Dress, $149,

Moral of the story: There is no wrong time to channel your inner Beyoncé.

Images: beyonce/Instagram; Courtesy Brands