Uzo Aduba & Tituss Burgess Are Cute Emmys Pals

You know what I love most about The Emmys? That the ceremony gives us the rare opportunity to see our favorite television actors, across a wide variety of shows, get all ready to mingle and love up on each other. Not that I don't love the usual, behind-the-scenes inter-cast mingling, because I so do, but it's especially cool to see The Emmys shed light on certain little known gems. For instance, the friendship of Uzo Aduba and Tituss Burgess, who both happen to be nominated for Supporting Actor and Actress Emmys. Yes, it's true. Crazy Eyes and Titus Andromedon are friends. There is a god and he loves Netflix.

But will Aduba and Burgess attend the Emmys together? Well, I'm not so sure, but if their Pre-Emmy celebrations are any indication, they don't even need to. The two actors will probably gravitate toward each other, regardless, and continue the outright love fest that they have so kindly allowed us to bare witness to. I may be jumping the gun here, but, when an opportunity presents itself I take it. I'd love to see an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange Is The New Black crossover. I imagine Titus Andromedon not fairing so well in Litchfield, and that'd make for some A+ entertainment. And, who knows, perhaps another Emmy nod.

But, fictional dreams aside, we've got the real thing here. Burgess took to his Twitter and Instagram to share an adorable video of him and Aduba dancing to the best song in the universe, Mariah Carey's, "Fantasy." And, just when you thought it couldn't get any more endearing, he captioned the clip on Twitter, saying, "How I love my @UzoAduba. #timeofmylife." And, the one on his Instagram reads, "This is how I feel about today!!!! Dance it out! #uzoaduba #crazyeyes #beautifuleyes."

It really does appear that Burgess had the time of his life jamming out with the actress, because they're really breaking it down on the dance floor together, and it'd give even the most ardent homebody some serious partying FOMO.

Aduba made it known that the friendly love affair was not just one sided. Though, with that much amiable chemistry, it obviously couldn't be. She also posted a semi-candid picture of the pair and wrote, "Tribe. #theaterkids #netflixfamily." So, Netflix, theater, and abounding talent are three things those two have in common, apparently.

I don't know about you, but this special friendship has hooked me. And I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more pictures and sweet moments of them at the main event. And, who knows, maybe if they both win their respective Emmys, there'll be a documented victory dance duet. *Fingers crossed*