How Hot Is It On The Emmys Red Carpet?

by Caitlin Flynn

Don't you hate it when you have a huge event to dress up for and it ends up being super hot? Well, good news: You now have something in common with Emmy Awards attendees, because, ICYMI, it is really hot on the Emmys red carpet. So hot, in fact, that no one can stop talking about it. As of 3 p.m., it was nearly 100 degrees fahrenheit in downtown Los Angeles, where the red carpet is being held — and super sunny, to boot. I mean, most people love a beautiful summer day, but yikes! Luckily for us viewers, E! has 20 cameras on hand to cover the arrivals, so they've given us some wonderful shots of the air conditioning vent — just in case we forget it's really hot in the rare breaks between everyone chatting about it.

It's so hot, in fact, that I don't envy anyone on the red carpet right now... OK, that's a lie. Maybe I envy them a little: I mean, they're all glammed up and they're going to enjoy a fabulous evening followed by after parties that undoubtedly have open bars full of top shelf liquor — meanwhile, I'm in sweats and eating chips for dinner. Plus, they're about to head into an air-conditioned building for an evening of fun awards and people feigning shock about their wins.

Of course, it's gotta be worse for the guys who are in heavy tuxes. Luckily, Amy Schumer was kind enough to wipe the sweat off Ryan Seacrest's face:

But, not everyone was lucky enough to have a friend to wipe the sweat from their faces and they're displeased about the heat:

Tatiana Maslany

"I wish these were cutoffs," she explained. Her pantsuit is amazing, but Maslany may have worn something else if she'd known the forecast.

Ricky Gervais

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"I'm too hot to talk. I literally can't handle this heat. I'm sweatin' all over," Gervais complained — this would be one of the first times I've seen him at a loss for words.

Taraji P. Henson

"You're touching me; you're so hot. You're always hot, but now you're hotter," Henson told Seacrest. He responded that he can feel it "rolling down my eyeballs."

Thanks for the visual, Seacrest!

Kevin Spacey

Spacey was a trooper, but Seacrest cautioned him that he'll "definitely be soaking wet by the time you get down the line."

Allison Janney

Janney preferred to look on the bright side and noted that she's probably lost a few pounds already. "It's Bikram Emmys," she joked.

Jane Krakowski

Lily Lawrence/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After singing her own rendition of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song, Krakowski admitted that she wasn't feeling so unbreakable because... you guessed it! She's really, really hot.

Guys, in case you missed it — the red carpet is really hot. And if you forget, Ryan Seacrest is here to remind us every five minutes.