Miss Piggy's 'Muppets' Dating Life Is Spectacular

by Rachel Paige

As you have probably heard, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog broke up this summer. It was kinda a BIG THING. According to their joint statement (since yeah, these two Muppets released a joint statement), they parted on amicable terms and continue remain friends and co-workers. Both appear to be doing well so far, with Kermit moving on to a new pig already, but what about his old pig? Is Miss Piggy dating any new Muppets, or is she enjoying being a single lady (single pig?) right now?

The short answer is no, Miss Piggy is not dating anyone, specifically. Instead she appears to be playing the field (you go, girl!), and she has already been linked to a whole slew of different leading men in Hollywood. But, could one of these guys be the real deal, and more than just a serious fling?

Bear in mind that Piggy and Kermit only broke up about two months ago, so she might not be looking for anything serious right now. But, in case she makes it official with anyone, let's have a quick recap of who Piggy may or may not have dated over the summer, and who we're going to see her with when The Muppets picks up.

Liam Hemsworth

What a cute couple they'd make!

Topher Grace

In the long extended Muppets trailer, we see that Piggy is in the middle of filming some big Hollywood war-time blockbuster. She co-stars with Grace. It appears as if love has blossomed between the two of them, because not only do they make out on-set (in front of Kermit) but then they make plans to meet up later, too. Get it!

Josh Groban

In what is actually a true and confirmed rumor, Piggy and Groban are going to date! It's all for a The Muppets storyline, but needless to say, the two hit it off right away. Groban thanked his real-life girlfriend, Kat Dennings, on Twitter for sharing him for the weekend. But, should Dennings be worried? Serious question.

Nathan Fillion

Even Miss Piggy can't resist Captain Tight Pants. In the above clip, she calls Fillion's butt "distracting" and has him leave the set. But, then in another promo, we see Fillion totally sneaking out of Piggy's trailer with his shirt buttoned up the wrong way...

Maybe in The Muppets premiere Miss Piggy can give me some dating tips, because I need to learn how to land hotties like these guys.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC