Everything We Know About Kermit's New Girlfriend

by Rachel Paige

This summer was brutal for love. It seemed that just about every single one of our favorite couples called it quits, and that includes one long-standing relationship between a frog and a pig. Yes, this summer Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy broke up, and it broke our hearts. However, even though we might still be taking it pretty hard, it appears as if these two are not. Both have seemingly moved on, so who is Kermit dating now?

Wasting no time, Kermit has already moved on to not just another person, but another pig. According to MULTIPLE Muppets sources, Kermit has started something up with a pig named Denise. But, you know how dating rumors in Hollywood go. No sooner had this word gotten out that Kermit released a statement, via Twitter, explaining that while he was in fact dating again, he does not have a new girlfriend yet. He and Denise are just "close friends."

Sure, Kermit. Whatever you say. (And, now let's take a moment to appreciate that Muppets have Twitter accounts and release statements about their love lives...) But, even though Kermit insists that he and Denise aren't dating, the evidence is still there. So just who is this new pig? Here's what we know about Denise so far.

This Is Denise

We've seen her before in promos, and she appears to fit right in with the rest of the group.

She Works For ABC

Denise works for ABC Marketing, and one of her shows happens to be Up Late With Miss Piggy (the show within-a-show on The Muppets). Clearly she and Kermit met on the set (he's the executive producer), and soon it hit off. According to a Muppets source that talked to People, she was "always stopping by the set of Up Late."

Kermit Can't Keep His Eyes Off Of Her

The new promos for The Muppets have been on POINT. Did you catch the one with Ken Jeong? He and Kermit are just hanging out, when Denise flies by on the back of a golf cart and, well, Kermit is clearly easily distracted by it. The promos don't lie, Kermit.

They Could Already Be A Couple

That same source that talked to People also mentioned that Kermit already "calls her his girlfriend." For starters, there's a mole on the set of Up Late With Miss Piggy who's willing to talk to the press all the time. Second, it's kinda hard to deny that kind of information, Kermit.

Tune in Tuesday to watch their romance unfold onscreen.

Images: Andrea McCallin/ABC (2); Giphy