Kerry Washington Turns The Tables On Ryan Seacrest

Usually at the Emmy Awards, red carpet host Ryan Seacrest is asking other people what they're wearing (although tonight he's definitely made his conversations about more than just clothes, so props to him), but he had the tables turned on him when Kerry Washington asked Ryan Seacrest who he was wearing on the red carper. As she ascended the stairs for her interview, she immediately praised the host's style.

"You look so good! Who makes this tuxedo?" she asked him, to which Seacrest responded by shyly opening the lapel to unveil the tag. Turns out the tux was one from his own label: Ryan Seacrest Distinction. "He makes it himself!" Washington said approvingly, before telling the audience that wasn't a scripted moment. "Just so everyone at home knows, he didn't ask me to do that. I just genuinely wanted to know."

From there, that was a natural segue into Seacrest asking Washington who she was wearing. Sometimes the clothing talk can get a little trite, but it didn't feel like it this time. I know that designers want to be mentioned, the hosts have to ask, and the stars have to answer, but it was nice that the conversation felt a little more organic this time around — and, it doesn't hurt that the exchange was also totally adorable.