Are Emma Roberts & Evan Peters Together At Emmys?

They may have broken off their engagement in June, but Emma Roberts and Evan Peters were spotted holding hands recently, which naturally sparked a whole lot of rumors that the pair is back on again. Plus, they'd been spotted having dinner together at the end of August, so at the very least they're still friendly and on good terms. The American Horror Story co-stars made such an adorable couple and many fans have been rooting for them to reconcile, so all these unconfirmed rumors of a reunion were music to us fans' ears. So naturally, we waited with baited breath wondering will Emma Roberts and Evan Peters attend the Emmys together? Sadly, they are not each other's dates and it looks like Roberts attended the ceremony solo (in a fabulous dress, might I add).

But, that doesn't mean all hope of a reconciliation is lost. The actress didn't bring a date at all, so it's entirely possible that Peters is simply working on a project outside of California and was unable to attend the ceremony. This is quite often the case with Hollywood couples and, since Roberts isn't nominated (*sniffle*), the actor wouldn't necessarily be expected to turn his schedule upside down to attend. It's disappointing to not get the confirmation we wanted in the form of a red carpet appearance, but let's not give up hope yet!