Are Emma Roberts & Evan Peters Back Together?

They’ve definitely had their fare share of ahem, horror, but it looks like these on and off again American Horror Story co-stars might be back on again. Emma Roberts and ex-fiancé, Evan Peters, were spotted holding hands while out shopping at Los Angeles' Beverly Center. Though the pair (24 and 28, respectively) have been AHS co-stars for two seasons, they actually met back in 2012 on the set of their film, Adult World. Their relationship has been a pretty interesting love saga of its own since then — complete with ups, downs, engagements, and sad, sad breakups.

Even though their relationship has had its ups and downs (no judgment), this summer has seen far too many celeb breakups for my liking, and I think I’m just too fragile to imagine a scenario where Maggie and Jimmy/Madison and Kyle don’t end up together IRL. Call me a hopeless romantic — call me a freak. But honestly, if Maggie can get over the fact that Jimmy has lobster hands, then these two touch and go love birds should be able to get through anything. (Except for maybe being sawed in half. Sorry, Mags).

Let's take a look back at some of their best ~relationship goals~ moments from American Horror Story: Freak Show. (I considered including Coven, but considering Kyle basically murders Madison, I figured it'd be best to leave that one out.)

1. When It Was Basically Love At First Sight

From the moment Maggie walked out of that taxi in Freak Show, with her chic hat, confidence, and sociopathic lies, they were both doomed. The sexual chemistry here? Palpable.

2. When Jimmy Tried To Hide His Feelings

You weren't fooling anyone Jimmy, but it was cute that you tried.

3. When Jimmy Stopped Twisty The Clown From Brutally Murdering His Potential GF

Pretty heroic, Jimmy! You deserve a kiss on the cheek for that one.

4. When Maggie Didn't Kill Jimmy

OK, so the bar is set pretty low here, but this is AHS— not a Nicholas Sparks film. When Stanley asks Maggie to kill Jimmy, she's all like "Yeah, uhm, I can't do that." It was pretty — sort of — romantic. (Especially considering Kyle killed Maggie in Coven.)

5. When They Made Plans to Run Away Together And Then Made Out (Finally)

She's his lobster! Or — maybe he's her lobster? He has lobster hands, so.

Maybe things didn't end so well for Maggie and the two didn't get their happily ever after, but that doesn't diminish any of the adorable moments they shared together on Freak Show. And hey, it might not be over for the two on the small screen either: it's been confirmed the newly back together couple will be a part of Season 5: The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, even teased that something “fun” will happen between the two of them at the end of the new season. Since it does take place at a hotel... a (haunted) wedding ceremony, perhaps?

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