Bennett & Daya Reunite On The Emmys Red Carpet

The red carpet is usually too frantic for star-crossed lovers, but two Orange Is the New Black stars made the most of their moment for fans of their characters. Dascha Polanco and Matt McGorry reunited on the Emmy Awards red carpet. On the Netflix series, they play Daya, an inmate, and Bennett, a guard, who fell in love at Litchfield. However, shippers will regretfully remember that the two characters haven't seen one another in a while. In Season 3, Bennet got cold feet and left the still pregnant Daya without a word. Thankfully, this red carpet moment gives us fans a little something to hang onto. This is way, way better than fanfiction.

Since they didn't get their happy ending on the latest season Orange is the New Black, it's nice to see the actors giving us a happy moment in real life. I'm still holding out for Season 4, though. Their story is not over. It's awesome not only when stars are great friends, but fans of their characters and their show just like us. Not only did they pose together on the red carpet, but McGorry tweeted out a selfie as well:

How cute are these two? As much as I love McGorry and his dance moves on How To Get Away With Murder, my frail shipping heart is just praying that Daya and Bennett will one day get back together.