Andy Samberg Is Everyone's HBO Hero

If you aren't watching the 2015 Emmys you missed the best thing to happen to me maybe ever. Host Andy Samberg gave us his HBO Now login information and now we can all watch Game of Thrones whenever we want because Samberg's Emmys password is totally real, guys. I mean, I don't know how long before something happens and it gets changed, or the HBO Chief decides that password sharing on that grand of a scale is actually not what he meant when he OK'd the idea in general, but bask in the glow for now, guys.

Samberg has been killing his hosting duties so far. He's taken the Academy to task for a lack of diversity, mentioned the problematic wage/age gap between male and female stars, sang, danced, slipped in about a hundred pop culture jokes, and now he's given everyone access to some of television's biggest and best shows. And, even if you don't want to watch anything, you should log in anyway, because fans have been editing the email address, and it's hilarious. Just make sure to go to HBO Now, not HBO GO, and enter the following information graciously provided by Samberg.


Once in, you can enjoy the details of Samberg's profile with funny email additions such as this:

And this:

But, it seems like however much the profile is edited, it always reverts to the original login info, so presumably HBO is working with Samberg to make sure we all have access to this, regardless of who edits the profile.

How long we'll have free access, who knows? But, I say we all enjoy it while we can. Thank you, Andy!

Images: Screengrab/HBO Now (2)