'Game Of Thrones' Won The Emmy For Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series & Twitter Is So Overjoyed

In case you missed it, Game Of Thrones won its first ever Emmy Award for Drama Writing on Sunday night — and Twitter went completely nuts. The HBO series has courted its fair share of criticism this season, but there can’t be any doubt that the awards circuit still loves this fantasy epic. (The show now has 11 total Emmys. Just Emmys!) Co-showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss took the stage Sunday night to accept their trophies for penning the episode “Mother’s Mercy," which aired during Game Of Thrones Season 5. Their episode bested nominated scripts from Better Caul Saul, The Americans, and two episodes of Mad Men (including the latter's well-received series finale). But the battle for the seven kingdoms has still got voters in its sway, and Game Of Thrones' Twitter fandom could not be happier about it.

Luckily, social media is always there to facilitate the most extreme of reactions, with as many capslocked words, exclamation points, and dragon GIFs as fans care to use.

The Game Of Thrones audience has always been extremely vocal, and Emmys night was no different. These are some of the best and most borderline nonsensical (but fun!) tweets out there celebrating the Game Of Thrones Emmy win for Drama Writing.

Even The Dragons Are Celebrating

And that party is hot, hot, hot! (Sorry.)

That's One Way To Mark The Occasion

I would recommend keeping that inside, but you do you.

Then There's The Emoji Approach

Sometimes there are just no words. Only feelings.

Love From Jersey

Vinny is a Khaleesi fan, everybody! This is very heartening to know.

Hi, Haters

Hashtag Dragons Rule. Hashtag Deal With It. Hashtag Jon Snow Lives Maybe.

The Statement Of The Obvious

I'm not mad at it. Let's appreciate handsome showrunners when we can.

I Mean, Finally, Right?

This fan didn't even know she should have been mad about that thing until she didn't have to be mad about it anymore!

Game Of... What Now?

"I've never heard of this Kale-eesi person, but good on you, sir!"

Investigate George R. R. Martin!

It's a joke about how many of the show's characters die on a weekly basis, everyone.

Let's Ask Them While They're In A Good Mood

Or better yet, catch them a few drinks in at an after party.

Stay psyched, Game Of Thrones fans! A show is nothing without its rabid fanbase.

Image: HBO