Matt McGorry's Emmys Tweets Are Too Sweet

Matt McGorry, the resident heartbreaker on How to Get Away With Murder and Orange is the New Black, has given us plenty of reasons to love him. He excels on both of these great shows, and he recently declared himself a feminist and has been super vocal about it on social media. There's nothing more attractive than a guy who's into equality (but his face is pretty swoon-worthy, too). And, as he proved tonight, he's also a great multitasker. Many viewers have been active on Twitter during the Emmys, and they're in good company because Matt McGorry is live tweeting the Emmys — from the audience, that is.

At first, I was hoping for some insider Hollywood scoop. Like, what do these celebs really do during the countless commercial breaks? Is there anything scandalous happening? Seriously, who's feuding and who's secretly furious that they didn't win? But, alas — there's no gossip here. Sure, we learned that he has a protein bar in his pocket, but I was just hoping for something more. But, McGorry's tweets have just turned out to be mainly about his nominated co-stars — and I'll take them, because his support of Viola Davis and Uzo Aduba is too sweet:

Hey, why didn't he go up onstage when Davis won? Empty promises! (But probably wise judgement.)

That's not to say McGorry didn't give us some insight into a few things we may not have known otherwise:

Shucks, McGorry! Why do you have to be so perfect?