Arthur Looks Like Trouble On 'Minority Report'

He might be the more "talented" brother of the two twins, but Arthur on Minority Report is no angel compared to Dash, at least not when it counts the most. On the series premiere of the new Fox action drama, Dash, a "precog" is able to get glimpses into the future, especially ones involving death. The series is an adaptation and sequel in many ways to the film Minority Report from 2001 starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg. And, it does have some fascinating new ideas about the future and features some interesting character drama between the two twin brothers. What has Arthur been up to while Dash continues to try and save people from getting murdered? Well, as the show points out, it's definitely nothing good.

For those who may not be as well-versed in the original film, Minority Report the film followed the Precrime division of the not-so-distant future where murder was prevented before it even occurred thanks to the premonitions of a young woman (Agatha) and two young boys' psychic powers. Agatha was talented in her own right, but the brothers, Arthur and Dash, had to work together to get complete pictures and names of those involved in the murder. After the Precrime Division was abolished, these "precogs" were sent to live on an island for safety and protection from the world.

The series takes place 11 years after this event. Dash is now living in Washington D.C. once again while his sister stayed on the island. Dash is constantly still getting painful visions of murders about to occur and tries to stop them. Unfortunately without the help of his brother, he doesn't have the names and information he needs to do anything on time so he always fails. That's where Meagan Good's Detective Vega comes in. Dash is finally fed up with not saving lives and goes to Vega with a tip. The two eventually have to go to Arthur for help with the case, a move Dash is not to keen on doing. Why are the two brothers so estranged?

It turns out Arthur only cares about himself, not helping people as they used to do. Now Arthur uses his gifts to pull identities and other information from those about to die and sells information on the black market for money. When Dash goes to see Arthur for help, he asks how much this help will cost, and Arthur basically tells him he'll make that clear later. Arthur could not be less trustworthy if he tried. While I doubt he is some kind of nefarious villain, he's definitely not going to be an easily helpful and readily available ally for Vega and Dash.

My wonder is what he'll want in return for his services. The most obvious guess is that he'll ask Dash for images about the future that will help him in his monetary and other selfish gains, but there's more to him than just greed. He's got a mischievous side, and it'll be interesting to see how that comes out in other areas besides money. Could there be a love triangle between the brothers and Vega? There already seems to be romantic tension between Vega and Dash to be sure, and Arthur seems intrigued by her as well. Or could it be something a little more sinister that Arthur is after? Again, I don't see him being evil necessarily, but as the potential mayor's new crime-abolishing program launches, it's possible Arthur will want to find some way of bypassing suspicion so he can keep up his suspicious behavior. It'll also be fascinating to find out why the twins had a falling out in the first place. I can't believe it's only because of Arthur's selfishness. I'm sure more happened in the 11 years between the movie and the show, and all will be made known soon.

Arthur is a super intriguing character right now, and I can't wait to find out his true motives, whatever they may be. Hopefully, though, they don't get in the way of Dash's own plans.

Images: Michael Becker/FOX