See Seth Meyer's Best 'SNL' Moments Ever

by Celeste Mora

It has been a rough year for SNL so far. We lost many SNL veterans, making this year filled with "what will they do" anticipation and worries that the current cast cannot live up to the jokes of years past. Also, veteran producer Lorne Michaels has been under fire for the lack of diversity among the SNL crew, which he responded to with a cringe-worthy Kerry Washington cold open. We have known for a while now that Seth Meyers will leave SNL to host Late Night, as Jimmy Fallon moves to take over Jay Leno's spot on The Tonight Show, and although Michaels tried to bully Meyers into staying by implying in the New York Times that Meyers would never leave, he is, in fact, leaving after this Saturday's swansong performance.

Saturday night will be Seth Meyers' last Saturday Night Live and Weekend Update. Host Melissa McCarthy and musical guest Imagine Dragons will make this last episode memorable, but we're still going to miss Seth. We can't believe we won't see him in Studio 8H next week.

If you are also feeling distraught that Meyer's 12-year reign as a cast member and writer have come to a close, here are some of his best moments with which we can remember him by.

His adorable bloopers

The Daily Beast released a super-cut of Meyer's best flubs as a Weekend Update anchor, and those are all hilarious and adorable, but we love this list of "rejected" Weekend Update segments even better.

He got the job, even though Brian Williams auditioned

In Seth's first episode as a Weekend Update anchor, Amy Poehler explains to Brian Williams that Meyers beat him for the spot. This is when we knew Meyers would do big things with that big Update desk.

That time he interviewed Big Bird

Although Meyers had great chemistry with some of his other guests and correspondents, Big Bird's interview is still one of our favorites. What other fake news broadcaster can say that they've interviewed a 7-foot tall bird?

He was the perfect straight man... most of the time

Even when Stefan couldn't hold it together, Meyer's managed to keep a straight face... except for those few times he broke into giggles. That's right, Seth Meyers' laugh is best described as a giggle.

He was perfect, even at the White House

Remember that time he skewered Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner? No? Then you should watch it. Now.

That impression of Anderson Cooper he did... in front of Anderson Cooper

Meyers may not be known primarily for his impressions, but he has impersonated everyone from John Kerry to Anderson Cooper over the years. He even made fun of President Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner, which made the President smile.

He asked Stefon to be his Valentine, and melted our hearts

Stefon and Seth's romance has been long, but it has also been beautiful. They kissed in one episode, and got married in another, but it all started when Seth asked Stefon to be his valentine.

He made Weekend Update the best part of our Saturday night

Seth has hosted Weekend Update for seven years, and they have all been hilarious. His greatest strength as an anchor has been his ability to maintain chemistry with every collaborator and co-anchor, a trait we are sure he'll take to Late Night.