Go Behind The Scenes Of The 2015 Emmys

by Michelle McGahan

Because no self-respecting entertainment writer could cover an awards show after-party and fail to include R. Kelly lyrics, here is your obligatory "after the show it's the after-party" line about the 2015 Emmy Awards. All kidding aside, the "Trapped In The Closet" singer actually knew what he was talking about, because apparently the 2015 Emmys after-parties were where it was at on Sunday night.

Though the actual awards show boasted some pretty memorable moments — um, Viola Davis' history-making win and subsequent incredible speech, anyone? — it's the backstage, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the stars' lives that really get the people talking. It's a chance for the rest of us ~normies~ to live vicariously through the glitz and glamour of Hollywood actors. Not to mention peep fave characters from the best television shows throwing back casual drinks with other fan favorite characters from different TV shows. (Trust me, this is exciting.) It's the closest most fans will get to actually being at the 2015 Emmys themselves.

So, without further ado, check out some of the best behind-the-scenes moments from the 2015 Emmy Awards below. It's photo proof that Amy Schumer likes to drink and the OITNB cast is actual perfection.

1. When Amy Schumer Decided To Have Her First Drink Ever

2. When Carson Daly Also Got His Drank On

3. When Laura Prepon & Taylor Schilling Sat Next To Each Other Because Chapman & Vause For Lyfe

4. When Laverne Cox & Kate Mulgrew Did The Same

5. When Matt McGorry & Dasha Polanco Made People Believe In Bennett & Daya Again

6. When Sofia Vergara Fangirled Her Face Off Over Lady Gaga

7. And When She Took A Selfie With Her Modern Family Cast

8. When Uzo Aduba Acted Silly Before Her Big Win

9. And When Viola Davis Was All Like, "NBD, I'm About To Make History Tonight"

10. When Andy Samberg Selfied

11. When Mindy Kaling Showed Off Her ~Clutch~ Clutch

12. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus Knew Mel Brooks Was King So She Gave Him A Crown

13. When Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, & Queen Latifah Became #FriendshipGoals

14. And When Amy Schumer Took A Class Photo With Her Fellow Emmy Winners & Peter Dinklage Duck-Faced Hard

Happy 2015 Emmys to all, and to all, a damn good night.