Spotify Creates A Jam-Worthy "For Ahmed" Playlist

There has been an impressive show of support for Ahmed Mohamed in the last week, but none quite as #hip as Spotify making a "For Ahmed" playlist. After Ahmed Mohamed’s arrest last Monday, there has been an outpouring of celebrity love for the 14-year-old boy whose homemade clock led to his false accusation of bringing a “hoax bomb” to school, and now they all have something they can dance it out to together. The playlist is accessible to anyone with a Facebook account, so feel free to jam out to some of the selected tunes while reading this article!

The conversation about America’s relationship with Islamophobia has been reignited in the wake of the arrest, with many still wondering how a simple homemade clock could have been mistaken for a weapon. Local police have denied the accusations of racially profiling Ahmed due to his name. So far, the school has maintained that the safety of their students is their number one priority, and with high profile stories involving gun violence so prevalent in the media, I can see why.

As someone who has gotten seriously upset over the TSA confiscating her dollar store toothpaste, I am truly amazed by Ahmed’s grace during this whole ordeal. It seems as though President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Spotify all agree. The music streaming service included hits like Aloe Blacc’s "The Man" and Coldplay’s "Clocks". If I were Ahmed, I would be dancing to every song on his personalized playlist right now.

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