Shawn & Kaitlyn Now Have Matching Tattoos

by Nicole Pomarico

As cute as it is, I've always been a little perplexed by former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe's bird tattoos. OK, so I get that they're the only birds that always know how to fly home, but on more than one occasion, Bristowe has reminded us she's deathly afraid of birds, so it's kind of strange that she has two of them permanently inked on the back of her arms. It's like if the rest of us had our student loan grand totals tattooed somewhere on our bodies — why would anyone ever want to do that? But despite her phobia, the tattoo (and its meaning) is adorable, and now, there's another reason to love it: Over the weekend, Bristowe's Bachelorette fiance Shawn Booth got a bird tattoo of his own to match hers, and it's so cute you'll probably puke when you see it.

A photo of the tattoo first surfaced on Booth's Instagram on Sunday, in black and white. The bird is on the back of his arm, just like Bristowe's — the same style, the same placement. At first glance, I had two gut reactions in a row. First: That's so adorable, how are two humans possibly this cute? Then: Oh, crap. Everybody knows matching tattoos almost always doom a relationship.

If you're in that second stage of thought right now, I have good news for you: It looks like Booth's tattoo is most likely fake. As multiple commenters have pointed out on Instagram, Booth mentioned on Snapchat that the tattoo is henna.

But should Booth and Bristowe ever decide they do want to do this thing for real and get matching ink? I have a few ideas about what they should get. And maybe they should be married first, just in case.

The Bird, But For Real

This is a really cute idea, especially since Bristowe's always been open about how important her tattoos are to her. And it is a really cute look with both of them side by side.


For the rest of their lives, The Bachelorette is going to be a huge part of their love story. A rose would be a good way to symbolize that... and I bet Chris Harrison would pee his pants out of excitement.

Nick Viall's Face


A Lifelike Rendering Of This Moment

This was probably my favorite scene from their entire season of The Bachelorette, because Shawn was naked on a golf course, and I don't think I need a reason beyond that.

Although I am far too cynical to believe any reality show romance has staying power, I'm going to try to stay optimistic about this one. They're just so damn cute together. Don't mess this up, guys. And whatever you do, do not get a real tattoo together until you're sure the Bachelor curse has been beat. After Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff, none of us are prepared for more heartbreak.

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