'The Bachelorette' Has More Tattoos Than You Think

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about a reality show contestant, something pops up and throws you for a loop. That's right, there's a new mystery for Bachelorette fans to start obsessing over. No, this isn't about who will win the whole thing, if the new happy couple will stay together long enough to hit the reunion episode, or even who the next Bachelor will be. This is about how many tattoos Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has. By now everyone knows that Kaitlyn has two bird tattoos above her elbows, which is pretty ironic considering she's deathly afraid of the animal. "Yes I'm afraid of birds. And yes I realize I have them tattooed on me," she recently posted to Twitter after people called her out on it. But, those aren't the only tattoos she has. According to her ABC profile, Kaitlyn Bristowe actually has a total of five tattoos.

So, two of them are already accounted for (the previously mentioned birds that are covering her arms) but that still leaves three that we have never seen or heard of. I did some research (you're welcome, Internet) to try and track down this missing three tattoos, and while I can't tell you exactly where they are, I can say that they are really well hidden. Check out this Instagram shot that shows off her two bird images, along with her rocking bikini body.

Well, we can definitely rule out her back (and probably her butt) from where those other three tattoos are. We're diving into pure speculation here, but I am less interested in where they are located, and more curious as to what they are. I honestly thought Kaitlyn would be the type to talk about all of her ink on the show, and am pretty surprised this hasn't come up before.

If I had to guess, just based on personality and the fact that she was willing to go on a reality dating show, I would say one of them has to be a heart. Having it tattooed on her arm (or sleeve, if you will) seems a little too on the nose, but a small one behind her ear seems right, doesn't it? I would also believe it if she had the symbol of the side of a finger; those tats are darling.

I also feel like she could have some sort of inspirational quote or word somewhere hidden, like "just breathe" or "free." I'm thinking something small and cursive and hidden where just she can see it and enjoy it. The third one could be some sort of inside joke that would take just way too long to explain to everyone, which would explain why she never talked about it on the show.

Could I be totally right? Maybe! Could I be completely wrong? Very likely. Either way, I am hoping she reveals it to us someday. Until then, I'm going to keep speculating.

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Images: Matt Petit/ABC; kaitlynbristowe/Instagram