Little Girl Adorably Schools Dad On Weddings

by Kaitlyn Wylde

JoJo Lomelino might only be four years old, but this little girl explains weddings to her dad like a tiny boss. Her father, it seems, is a little unclear on proper wedding etiquette. Luckily for him and now the entire internet, JoJo breaks it down in a short, comprehensible video. The video boasts expressive hand gestures, furrowed brows, and an amazingly incredulous exchange only possible between a small child and grown adult.

It’s JoJo’s confidence that makes this particularly special. Despite that fact that her father surely has a few weddings on her, the sense of purpose she gets from being a flower girl is both adorable and profound. Small children are not dissimilar to drunk adults. They’re able to home in on the root or essence of a concept by stripping away extra language that might otherwise burry it. Underneath all of the frank cuteness, JoJo just wants to let her dad know that weddings are serious and have formalities. And even though her dad might be proud of her, he’s still got to pull it together and let her do her business.

When you think of children being given responsibilities, you think of them being unable to take them seriously. Unbeknownst to JoJo, she schools the entire sea of parents on the internet on just how capable children are. Nothing like a little parent/child role reversal to instill an inspiring lesson on maturity. All profundity aside, JoJo taps into a sassy attitude reminiscent of the talking head interview snippets via The Real Housewives programming. She’s got a little Bethenny Frankel in her. Here are some important highlights:

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Let Me Do My Job

Don't Be Dumb

Images: YouTube(4)