Who Is Sophie Stanbury? The 'Ladies Of London' Star Will Definitely Impress You

The second season of Ladies of London has welcomed a couple of new faces to the cast. One of the new Ladies of London cast members is Sophie Stanbury. While the name might sound familiar — Caroline Stanbury is another (fan-favorite) cast member and her sister-in-law — Sophie Stanbury is totally her own person. The two are both complete powerhouses in the London social scene, but like her friend Caroline, Sophie has a lot more going on than just being a figure in high society. From her career, her family, and her social grace, you're probably going to have to make room for another Stanbury in your heart.

All of the Ladies of London have amazing careers, and Sophie Stanbury is no different. Along with her awesome career, Sophie is coming into the show as an ally of Caroline, which is definitely the right side of London to be on. But she's much more than Caroline Stanbury's sister-in-law. Sophie has had, like, three different (successful) careers, she's raising a family, and still manages to find time to be apart of the a crowd that many Housewives would only dream of hanging out with (there's royal blood in this group, it's no joke).

Here's everything you need to know about the newest Lady on Ladies of London, Sophie Stanbury.

She's Currently An Interior Decorator

Currently, Sophie is an interior designer. One space that you bet she's had her hand in designing? Caroline Stanbury's awesome office. (Just check out Sophie's website, with photos of the space.)

Her Past Careers Are Pretty Badass, Too

Even though she is currently an interior decorator, Sophie used to have two completely different careers. According to her Bravo bio, Sophie once worked at one of the biggest hedge funds in the world. After that, she started working at Annabel's. Annabel's (not named after Ladies of London cast member, Annabelle) is one of the most exclusive members clubs in the world (Kate Moss, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, even Princess Diana have partied at this exclusive nightclub).

She's A Longtime Friend Of Her Now Sister-In-Law

Sophie and Caroline were friends but then became family when Caroline introduced Sophie to her brother Alex (Sophie's now husband).

She's A Mother Of Two

Frame it, hang it in your home, act like this perfect photo is your family. Sophie and her husband, Alex, are the parents to Harry and Finn.

She's So Glam

To run with people like Caroline Stabury, you know Sophie has to be a pretty fab Lady.

Images: Tristan Fewings/Bravo