'Ladies Of London' Vs. 'Downton Abbey'

If you're a fan of both Bravo's Ladies of London and the hit British period drama Downton Abbey, then you're probably going to love this post. I'll just say you're welcome in advance. So, you're welcome! After watching the Season 2 premiere of Ladies of London on Monday, not only did it dawn on me just how much I missed this show, but I also realized that the main cast resembles some of the characters from Downton Abbey. For real, Ladies of London is just like Downton Abbey . Just stick with me.

Not only does the drama-filled reality series take place in England, just like the hit ITV series, but the six women leading the Bravo show embody a lot of the same qualities as the Crawley family and their employees who work downstairs. You might think this sounds crazy, but I'm pretty sure I can convince you just how much these two shows and their casts compare. They could probably swap places and you wouldn't even notice. OK, that's a stretch, but you get what I'm saying.

Here's proof that the Ladies of London cast has so much more in common with the characters on Downton Abbey besides their location, their titles, and their drama.

Caroline Stanbury = Violet Crawley

Caroline is in charge and let's everyone know it. The same goes for the Dowager Countess. These two don't have time for ignorance or people who don't fit in with their social circles. Plus, they're both extremely witty and barely ever show emotion. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be on either of their bad sides.

Annabelle Neilson = Lady Mary

In addition to both being pretty stoic (at times), Annabelle and Mary aren't about the drama. They also surely don't have time to listen to others complain, especially when they have their own stuff to deal with. Oh, and the fact that they both have some of the best one liners, make amazing facial expressions, and love riding horses, also shows just how alike they are.

Juliet Angus = Daisy

Oh, Juliet and Daisy. These two can usually be found somewhere crying, whining, or complaining about life. Have you ever noticed just how much they protest, especially when it's about Thanksgiving, birthdays, and, well, life in general? On a more positive note, they both speak their minds, want to better themselves, and are all about family.

Marissa Hermer = Lady Rose

These two have a lot more in common their blonde hair. Not only do they both understand what it's like to move and adapt to a new home, but Rose and Marissa love to have fun, make others happy, and plan parties! I bet if they joined forces, Marissa's Thanksgiving would be spectacular. I bet Juliet would even be sorry she missed it and opted for Caroline's Turkey Day celebration.

Julie Montagu = Lady Edith

Julie is a hard worker, fights for her dreams, goes above and beyond for her family, and doesn't do what everyone expects of her, especially as a Lady. The same can be said for Edith, who has always been the "different" one of the Crawley family, but that's what makes her special and beloved, just like Julie.

Caroline Fleming = Isobel Crawley

I don't know too much about the newest Ladies of London cast member, but seeing as she is new that reminds me of Isobel and when she first came to Downton. As a fresh face, Isobel had to transition, get used to her new family and friends, and embrace the drama. I'm sure Caroline will do the same. Plus, based on that promo showing her chowing down on a chicken wing, she doesn't let her title hold her back and likes to push the boundaries. Yep, that sure sounds like Isobel.

What did I tell you? Ladies of London = Downton Abbey.

Images: Rebecca Miller/Bravo; bricesander (2), the-sword-in-the-stone, annabelleneilson, rose-crawleys, evelynnapier, statehate/Tumblr; Giphy (4)