How To Turn Yourself Into A 'Peanuts' Character

The internet just granted you a super power unlike any you've ever known: you can turn yourself into a Peanuts character. In anticipation of The Peanuts Movie, due in theaters November 6, the "Peanutize Me" website was born (and all of your productivity promptly died). The website guides you through a series of options to personalize your skin tone, hair, expression, clothes, and even which Peanuts #squad you want your character to chill with, before turning it neatly into a wallpaper or profile picture sized .jpg so you can show it off to your nonfictional family and friends.

I don't want to brag, guys, but Peanuts me is pretty on fleek. She's basically the opposite of a blockhead, she rocks a pair of polka-dotted tights, and Peppermint Patty clearly wants to be her BFF. I'm guessing it's too late for her to score a cameo in the upcoming movie, but hey, that's what sequels are for, right? If they need me, let them know I'll be accepting no less than whatever Jennifer Lawrence made in the latest Hunger Games installment, and that I'll need a steady supply of multi-colored hosiery and peanut butter M&Ms.

And hey, I'm sure they'll need extras or something in the background (we can't all be stars, guys), so here are a few pro tips on how to make a Peanuts character of your very own:

Pick Your Human

Don't worry, you'll totally get a mouth soon.

Customize Their ~Flair~

This is fashion, guys. Peanuts fashion, that is.

Pick Your Squad

Here I am, casually ice skating in sneakers like the straight up baller I was born to be.

Then you can download your adorable new self and/or change all of your social media to it, for Important Grown Up Reasons. (Here I come, LinkedIn profile!) Peanutize yourself by heading to the website here, and watch the trailer to get ready to relive the best parts of the '90s:

Images: Peanutize Me