Are Ben McKenzie & Morena Baccarin Dating? These 'Gotham' Stars Have Undeniable Chemistry

If you're a big fan of FOX's Gotham and the relationship between Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins, then you're going to like this news. According to People, Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin are dating. Neither have commented on the rumors, but a source reportedly confirmed the news to the publication. Apparently, they were spotted at several Emmy events and were reportedly holding hands at the FOX party on Sunday.

For those unaware, during Gotham's freshman season Baccarin and McKenzie's characters got together and formed quite the romantic relationship. Many fans are shipping them on-screen and if they've been wanting the two to date in real life, well that wish just might be coming true.

When Gotham first started, it looked like Detective James Gordon and Barbara Kean were a match made in heaven. However, that quickly changed and medical examiner Leslie Thompkins came on the scene. Soon enough, Jim and Leslie were sharing much more than their crazy times at Arkham Asylum. Based on the many scenes they've shared together, there's no doubt McKenzie and Baccarin have chemistry. So, if they are indeed a couple, it makes sense. When you work day in and day out with someone, you form a bond, which could lead to a relationship outside of work. And that just might be the case here.

Until either Gotham star confirms it, here are just a few of their steamy moments the show their chemistry is off the charts.

When This Conversation Happened

When They Finally Did Kiss

When Leslie Laughed

When They Held Hands

When They Acted Like Giddy Kids

Them as a real-life couple isn't that hard to believe. So. Much. Chemistry.

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