Ellie Goulding Is Her Own Hero In "On My Mind"

by Maggie Malach

Ellie Goulding doesn't need a man to save the day. Goulding's new single "On My Mind" was predicted to sound massive and the result is spot-on. She just dropped her new video for "On My Mind," and it confirms that Goulding is a strong woman who can look out for herself. Oh, and the visual is comprised of some seriously fierce moments. The Las Vegas-set video kicks off with a glammed-up Goulding looking at her reflection in a hotel mirror. Her man comes up behind her, but it's clear by the expression on Goulding's face that she's not enamored with him. The first verse clarifies that she's not sure how the relationship started, only that she thinks he messed with the truth. Yikes.

Even as she's wined and dined — and the man's less-than-stellar character is revealed — Goulding remains impassive. However, she ultimately exacts her revenge, riding into his casino on a horse. Yes, on a horse. She and her friend end up tying up the man as the words "Game over" briefly flash on the screen. Lesson learned: Do not cross this fearless woman.

You can check out Goulding's fiercest "On My Mind" moments in the GIFs below.

1. When Goulding Looks Flawless

It's old Hollywood and amazing.

2. When She Remains Impassive

Even when he acts demanding.

3. When She Casually Rides A Horse Through Vegas

You know, no biggie.

4. When She's In The Salon

Lookin' fierce, even with curlers in.

5. When She Enters The Casino — On A Horse

Like a boss.

6. When The Lights Of Vegas Shine On Goulding

And she still looks amazing.

7. When It's Game Over

The perfect penultimate moment.

Images: Polydor (screenshot); Polydor (7)