Dunkin' Donuts Delivery Is Actually Happening, So Coffee And Donut Fans, Rejoice!

Immediately stop what you are doing, find the nearest place to sit down, and prepare for the best news of your entire Monday: Reportedly Dunkin' Donuts will start delivering very soon, meaning America can run on Dunkin' without running to Dunkin'. The implementation of such a service will make a lot of morning commutes shorter while simultaneously making getting your start-of-day coffee a lot more convenient. Good news, or the best news? I'm going to go with the best.

We first heard rumors that Dunkin' delivery might be on the way back in June of 2015 — and now according to Delish, news of the forthcoming service was just announced in a Dunkin' Donuts media summit in Massachusetts, where DD's headquarters proudly stand. Apparently it's going to be part of an app revamp due to be launched next year, although the delivery service will be available to current DD Perks members in a small, as-yet-undisclosed market before it expands nationwide. As for how it will work? Well, it looks like it won't be too dissimilar from other delivery services that have popped up recently: Delish also reports that Dunkin' will enlist a third party to run the errands, the way Chipotle and Starbucks both use Postmates to get the job done.


Customers will also be able to use Dunkin' Donuts' app to order their favorites for curbside or in-store pickup, meaning your breakfast sandwich could be ready before you even get to the store. Given the sheer number of other fast food and fast casual chains that have been conducting delivery experiments over the past few years, it was perhaps only a matter of time before Dunkin' chimed in — and it's the perfect way to step up the game. Coffee-and-donut cravings will never be the same again!


Image: Dunkin' Donuts/Facebook; Giphy (2)