Which 'Big Brother 17' Houseguests Will Return As Hosts? These Competitions Would Fit Their Personalities

The last few weeks of Big Brother 17 have seen the return of multiple former BB contestants. The oft-returning Jesse "Mr. Pectacular" Godderz hosted a competition and BB16 alums Frankie Grande and Caleb "Beast Mode Cowboy" Reynolds returned as well. Big Brother regularly dips into its collection of characters from past seasons to host competitions and interact with the current houseguests. Now that the audience has spent a lot of time getting to know this season's stars, which Big Brother 17 houseguests would make good hosts? And, what could bring a Big Brother alum back to the house in the first place?

Beast Mode Cowboy's return was prompted by a karate-inspired physical competition, which fits Caleb's physical shape and personality. Jesse's return gave him an excuse to prance around in a tutu and show off his muscles, which is also very fitting for him. Frankie Grande's return was entirely about his famous sister, a fact about himself which seems to be his driving life-force. There weren't many "plain" or "boring" houseguests this season, as everyone in the house featured a large and distinct personality, which means a lot of them would probably make good hosts.

Here are some competition-theme ideas that would be well-suited for next year if Big Brother wanted to bring back any of this season's cast members.


Competition: "Where'd He Go?"

Jace's defining quality is how bitter he has been about getting evicted first, and having his image on the memory wall replaced with Julia's. Therefore, his competition is a memory comp where Houseguests have to figure out which current houseguest is missing from a wall of pictures.


Competition: "In The Dark"

Audrey spent a lot of her time wearing sunglasses or hiding in dark room, so she'll be hosting a competition where the houseguests have to maneuver a room in total darkness to find the HoH/PoV necklace.


Competition: "In The Bag"

This grocery bagger has big aspirations, so he's set up a grocery store in Big Brother's backyard! The houseguests are each asked a question, the answer of which is on a food item in the grocery store that they have to find. (Bonus Points if they can get Jason to say "Squirrel" at some point, or as he says it, "SQUAIRL.")


Competition: "Training Day"

Choo Choo! Becky is conductor of the Big Brother express, but the wheels have stopped moving! Each houseguest has to get into one of the train wheels and make sure it keeps spinning (much like a hamster wheel). Whoever can keep their wheel in motion the longest wins.


Competition: "Pranks A Bunch!"

Master Prankster James has set up a maze in the backyard and rigged it with all kinds of surprises. Each houseguest will get two minutes to try and make their way to the center, but there are pranks around every corner!

Liz & Julia

Competition: "Seeing Double"

Liz and Julia bring back the twin twist! Each twin is going to say a fact about something that has happened in the house. However, one is telling the truth and the other is lying. Houseguests need to correctly guess which one if they're going to win the competition.


Competition: "Ego Boost!"

Austin's been having a tough time getting into wrestling, and it's up to the houseguests to boost his ego! They need to dip a funnel into an "ego bucket", and carry it across a slippery surface so they can dump it into a top hat. Whoever fills their top hat with ego juice first, wins! Note: This is the first Big Brother competition where cheating is not only OK, but encouraged!

Johnny Mac

Competition: "Flossin' Around!"

An Endurance Comp where the houseguests have to hang from "pieces of floss" dangling from a giant mouth as they move up and down to get a proper teeth cleaning. Watch out for falling food!

With fun ideas like these, I wouldn't mind if every BB18 competition was a former contestant-hosted affair. Bring on the BB17 personalities!

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Image: Sonja Flemming (3), Cliff Lipson (2), Bill Inoshita (1), Monty Brinton (1) /CBS