Did Rocky & Emile Hook Up On 'Below Deck'? Their Romance May Have Ended With "Wining & Dining"

The Below Deck boat can be a wonderful place for romance, if you remember Kelley and Jennice from Season 2. But it can also be a huge turnoff, as demonstrated by Rocky and Emile's date in Below Deck Season 3. At first, it seemed like a perfect match, since both of them are young and inexperienced yachties who prefer doing daredevil stunts to menial labor. But when they went on a date in the fourth episode, it was an unmitigated disaster. From the beginning, it seemed like Rocky was just going along with the whole thing as a joke, her distinctive cackling laugh scoring their preparation for the date. But when it came time for Emile to take things to the next level, he really screwed up. After ordering Rocky a drink and getting her a romantic dinner, Emile managed to totally sour the date, and then both the steward and the deckhand realized that they kinda didn't like one another anymore.

Rocky and Emile's relationship was so short-lived, I doubt they'll ever hook-up on Below Deck — they didn't even kiss on their date. It's more like the flirtations between Ben and Adrienne, or Ben and Kat, or Ben and Kate. It's a fun diversion for an episode, but let's not treat it like an epic romance. Actually, on second thought, let's do exactly that, and trace the timeline of this Below Deck "romance."

Sparks (And Radiation) Flew On The Top Of The Yacht

When Rocky climbed up to an unadvised height to take a good selfie, Emile, a lovesick puppy, ignored his better judgement and decided to follow right after her.

Even When Connie Expressed Interest, Emile's Love Was Pure

Connie was also pursuing Emile at first. Why wouldn't she? He's cute and nice. It turns out that Emile only had eyes for Rocky. Connie did not appreciate being looked over, but that wasn't enough to dissuade Emile.

They Shared A Moment In The Dark

Each of their 30-minute breaks happened to coincide, which gave Emile and Rocky the chance for an unexpected cuddling session.

After Dark, Rocky Turned Into A Beautiful Mermaid & Emile, A Handsome Bodybuilder

Once the sun sets, if you look at Rocky's mermaid costume out of the corner of your eye, you might believe she was a real mermaid. And if you do the same to Emile's horrendously-wrapped toga, you'd swear that he's a real Adonis. No wonder these two started to circle one another — they're both otherworldly beauties!

Captain Lee Granted Them The Chance To Woo One Another On A Romantic Date

While the Slover guests were away, Rocky and Emile went on a date. Captain Lee is usually tough, but he's an old softie when it comes to love.

The Whole Boat Chipped In & Helped The Lovebirds Prepare

Rocky got a few beauty tips from Kate and Amy, while Leon and Eddie gave Emile a hand with his date night look. Everything was set up perfectly for these two to have the most romantic date in Below Deck history.

But Then Emile Blew It

His first mistake was trying to keep up with Rocky's drinking. Sure, she could down three shots and the better part of a bottle of wine, but Emile imbibed too much, and then, to make things worse, started spouting truly awful pickup lines that permanently closed the possibility of anything else happening between them.

Now, It Looks Like They're Done

Who knows what will happen after a few more weeks on the boat and a few more drinks, but for now? Rocky is done with Emile, and Emile is done with Rocky. What's the moral here? Never try to fall in love on Below Deck.

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