The 7 Best Tights For Big Thighs

by Jessica Willingham

Think only certain body types can wear tights? Think again. Tights are the universal must-have wardrobe accessory for fall and winter and anyone can (and should) wear them! Here are the best tights for big thighs and where you can find them.

Tights can be a godsend during the fall and winter months, whether you're wearing them under dresses or layering them underneath a pair of jeans. But for those of us with big thighs, these long stockings can sometimes be a pain in the butt, both figuratively and literally (how annoying can they be when they start to slip or worse — cause wedgies?!). Tights are definitely not one size fits all, although some brands like to suggest that they are, sometimes only offering one or two sizes (what even?). Luckily, there are a handful of brands out there that totally get it and confirm our belief that tights are a closet staple.

Once you find the perfect pair of tights, you'll find that they're a stylish and functional addition to your fall and winter wardrobe and will transform any outfit you pair them with. A summer dress can be made winter-appropriate, and a weekend skirt can be made into workwear when paired with the right pair of tights. Tights can also make you appreciate your legs in ways you never have before — the right pair of tights changes everything and can give you the confidence you need to rock skirts and dresses all fall and winter long.

Here are the best tight brands for big thighs, my favorite pair from each, and where to find them. Happy tights season!

1. Hips & Curves

Hips & Curves Animal Print Shaping Hosiery, $18, Hips and Curves

This textured tight has shape wear technology.

2. Simply Be Naturally

Simply Be Naturally Close Opaque Tights, $20, Simply Be

Colored tights are fine in the office, as long as they're opaque. These come is, really, every size!

3. Merona

Merona Women's Tights, $10, Target

Target's tights selection is always on point. I love the lengthening effect of vertical stripes.

4. Torrid

Torrid Bow Back Seam Tights, $17, Torrid

The bows are a subtle and slightly flirtatious design that turns typical black tights into something unexpected.


XSILK Hand-Dyed Ombre Tights, $40, Etsy

This incredible shop includes gorgeous ombre options for bodies up to 350lbs.

6. ModCloth

ModCloth Have a Confetti to Make Thigh Highs in Plus Size, $8, Modcloth

A little fun and a lot classy, these tights have wide bands at the top to hold them in place.

7. Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly 'Curves - Suspender' Tights (Plus Size), $25, Nordstrom

Save this pair for date night!

Image: Fotolia