'The Voice' Performer Barrett Baber Opens Up A About Tragic Accident From His Past

You've gotta love a reality show hopeful with a story — especially when they're as talented as The Voice Season 9 contestant Barrett Baber. The Arkansas native earned a coveted four-chair turn from The Voice coaches with his not-quite-country, not-quite-pop style rendition of Jeff Healey's "Angel Eyes." Hoping to perfect his unique soulful country style, Baber chose to join Team Blake, probably the most fitting decision of the night. But despite his smooth vocals, the Season 9 contestant has had a rather uneven past.

Baber was open to many musical opportunities as a college student, but it was one of these opportunities that almost ended his life. While on his way to a concert with other members of his choir, the group's plane crashed on a runway. Baber fought to get out of the plane, and to help others out as well, but not everyone survived. As he explained, 11 people, including two others he was traveling with, were killed. Though this was an extremely tragic accident and one that he learned a lot from, it didn't stop Baber from pursuing his dream.

And I'm so thankful it didn't. The now high school teacher is certainly destined for stardom. Baber has just the right makings to become the next big country star: he's easy to listen to; has a unique, but not too crazy, country-like style; and is pretty easy on the eyes. With Blake Shelton as his coach, he's sure to stay in this game for quite a while — if not make it all the way to the end. Shelton has a reputation for taking home the win with performers like Baber, and he has a pretty fair shot of doing it again this season. And while Baber's road to the stage wasn't as straight as others, it's pretty obvious that he's meant to be here.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC