To Celebrate Justin Bieber's 'Believe,' We Present 'The 12 Days Of Biebmas' in Gifs

Merry Biebmas, you Beliebers! What is Wednesday? It is Christmas, sure, but it is also the day Justin Bieber's latest movie, Believe, will shimmy into theaters and begin its reign. I mean, it's a Justin Bieber movie. It'd be a Biebmas non-miracle if his movie didn't rule the theaters. Biebs is box office magic. If you look at history (i.e., the year 2011), you will see that Never Say Never made over $12 million its opening day. And yes, it was the number one moving picture that weekend. AND its position at the top of the concert movie ticket sales (since 1984) list has yet to be usurped. Like I said: Box. Office. Magic. I do realize Never Say Never was up against Gnomeo and Juliet and Just Go With It, which were not exactly "heavy hitters," and that Believe will be battling The Wolf of Wall Street this go 'round, but mark my words: Bieber versus Scorsese is going to be a movie rivalry for the ages.

Given that it is Biebmas, it is obviously the best (and only) time to sing my favorite Biebmas carols. Eh, who am I kidding? I sing Biebmas carols every day of the year. My personal favorite is "The 12 Days of Biebmas." Let us sing it together. Do you know the words? No? Don't you fret, I'll share the lyrics. 'Tis the season!

So, imagine you've been singing this song for 11 rounds and now you're on the last round. Here's what your true Bieb will give you during the 12 days of Biebmas:

On the twelfth day of Biebmas, my true Bieb gave to me:

Twelve Biebers drumming,

Eleven bags of throwable popcorn,

Ten maniacal smiles,

Nine Bieber dancers,

Eight flips of the hair,

Seven windmill arm moves with Usher,

Six swaggies swaggie-ing,

Fiiiiive goldennnnn teeeeeears!

Four Segway rides,

Three underwater cameras,

Two precious puppies,

And Mally the the confiscated monkey!


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