Justin Bieber Asks Fans to "Believe the Truth" About Him in New 'Believe' Trailer

At first, it was kind of hilarious to me that Justin Bieber legitimately thought that he could just "ask" his fans to ignore the countless articles and eyewitness accounts of him being an obnoxious little brat and write all of it off as media-created BS — but then I remembered that he has a legion of young fans who may as well be members of his terrifying Beliebers cult, and I just got really sad. We live in a world where a photo of Justin Bieber and Will Smith will get more likes than anything else on Instagram — and I just have to accept that, begrudgingly, especially now as Bieber's new documentary is coming out. Only a month after releasing the first trailer for the pic, a new trailer has been released for Justin Bieber's upcoming documentary Believe , in which he implores fans to "forget the hype, forget the headlines, forget the rumors," and instead "believe the truth."

Methinks the obnoxious singer doth protest too much.

Anyway, the documentary apparently promises to follow Bieber as he struggles with fame, and his "bad boy" image that he's, y'know, completely responsible for since he's the one who decided to pee in a mop bucket at a restaurant then diss a photo of former President Bill Clinton. Do you think the movie will cover that?

You can check out the new trailer below if you're really inclined. Believe hits theaters on Christmas day.