Kate Upton's 'W Korea' Cover Is All About The Brow

A magazine cover is always an opportunity for a celeb to switch things up with their look and/or style. Kate Upton covers W Korea and she steps out of her comfort zone a little. The bombshell isn't flaunting her ample cleavage or pouting profusely for this cover. Instead, the focus of the image is her well-sculpted, serious brows.

Actually, make that all about her well-sculpted, serious brow. As in singular. One of her eyes is obscured by her hand and she is staring straight ahead with the other, so you only see one brow.

Cara Delevingne does not have a lock on full, thick, and well 'scaped brows, thank you very much.

The October 2015 cover shot is quite minimalist for the model, who is known for her copious curves. She actually just showed off her knockout figure in an LBD at NYFW.

Here, Upton is certainly rocking the barely there trend, with hardly any makeup on her eyes and a slick of soft pink gloss on her lips. The strong brow isn't supported by much else, in terms of makeup, and doesn't need to be.

Also, the lighting downplays Upton's golden locks. Her hair appears darker and the overall vibe of the cover is mysterious and almost noir.

Upton isn't relying on her voluptuousness or even her All-American girl image to capture attention with her W Korea cover. Instead, it's classic, simple glam makeup and a strong brow.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Want to replicate the bold brow? You totally can.

Upton clearly keeps her brows in shape with an arch. Her ELLE cover in 2013 featured a similar strong brow.

I have pretty full brows myself. I've been getting them threaded to keep them even and in shape. But I do have a little bit of sparseness in the inner corners that I fill in slightly with Ardell's Mechanical Brow Pencil. ($6.50,

It has product on one end and a spoolie brow brush on the other.

First, I comb the brow hairs so they are all going in the same direction. Then I dot just a little bit of product in the areas I want to fill. Then I use the brush to disperse the product and comb the hairs.

A strong brow is possible. Upton on W Korea should provide you with the right inspo!

Images: Kate Upton/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Ardell (1); ELLE (1)