Ellen DeGeneres Scares The Crap Out Of Lea Michele

You'd think that filming a horror show would make you immune to being scared of things that go bump in the night, but Lea Michele has proven that to be entirely untrue. You see, Lea Michele appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show and was absolutely terrified. And the prank on Michele was even more hilarious than DeGeneres' usual scares considering the fact that the actress is promoting Scream Queens. You know, a show in which her character is constantly being scared by a serial killer hunting a group of sorority sisters.

To be fair, this wasn't one of DeGeneres's typical haunts. She got Michele to talk excitedly about her dream of watching Halloween with co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis, and then had Michael Myers himself jump out of a piece of furniture that was sitting directly next to her. It was possibly the most evil stunt the host has pulled thus far. Well, other than that time she hid in Taylor Swift's bathroom, because I'm fairly sure the singer falling to the ground in terror will go down in Ellen scare history.

But, back to Michele. She was on the show to promote Scream Queens, which premieres on Tuesday, and the talk show host's antics only help viewers to prepare for what is to come. Especially, since I heard an A+ horror scream from the actress, considering it came from a place of true terror. But this isn't the only time Michele has inadvertently prepared the world for her horror transition. No, she has been getting us ready for quite some time.

Here are seven other Lea Michele moments that will prepare you for the Scream Queens premiere.

1. When, As Rachel Berry, She Dressed Up As Samara From The Ring

*Gently pushes phone across room* *Leaves house*

2. When She Introduced Us All To Her SQ Character, Hester

As the kids say: My body is ready.

3. When She Snuck Up On Chris Colfer Mid-Interview

It is still completely possible her character is the killer. And this little clip shows she's good at sneaking around unnoticed...

4. When He Returned The Favor

But, then again, her character could also be totally innocent.

5. When She Told A Real-Life Ghost Story

Ironically, on the same show she was scared half to death on.

6. When She Talked About How Much She Loved Horror Movies As The Rest Of The Cast Did The Opposite

Girl is positively ghoulish.

7. When She Eased Us Into The Scariness, By Owning The Red Carpet With The Red Devil

He doesn't seem so bad now, right? And that cape looks pretty good on him, too.

So, as fans, let's thank Michele for gradually preparing us for her musical comedy to horror transition for years. I think we're ready for Scream Queens now. Well, at least I am.