FYI, A Real Life Emoji Keyboard Exists

Fat thumbs cramping your emoji style? Tired of regular old touch screens? Craving that 7th grade computer lab feel? Then Tom Scott, whose Twitter bio says simply, "I make things," has created the perfect device for your needs: A real life emoji keyboard. The invention assigns every single emoji its own key, which means that it's big. Really big. So big that it has 1,000 keys. Did you know there were that many emoji? I definitely did not, but, well... you learn something new every day, right?

Scott recently uploaded a video showing off his creation to YouTube, and you guys? It's pretty spectacular. I think my favorite element of it is all of the hypothetical scenarios and "messages" that Scott imagines for the emoji. In addition to giving us a sneak peek at one or two upcoming emoji additions from the iOS 9.1 update, he also points out certain ones that I straight up did not know existed. Like, I watched this video and thought, "Wow, I can't believe they're letting him give away so many emoji surprises!" — and then I checked my phone and saw all of them already there.

Scott says that he'll eventually post a video detailing how, exactly, he created his IRL emoji keyboard; from what we can see here, though, it uses a high number of PC desktop keyboards and "a bit of special software." Stop being so coy with us, Tom!

But what might one do with an emoji keyboard of this size? Here are a few ideas, according to the guy who invented it — and don't forget to check out more of the things he's made over at his website.

1. Add a crescent moon to that professional report.

Or, in this case, a tweet.

2. Add a cartoonish crescent moon to that less professional report.

Plus a kissy face for good measure.

3. Include the levitating man in a business suit for all other very professional business needs.

A new emoji! And how very random!

4. Flip someone off, but not before making sure they know This Message is Over 18.

Another new one! Less random, very practical.

5. Ban dropping litter.

We only have one planet, guys.

Watch the full video below for more:

Images: Emojipedia; Tom Scott/YouTube (5)