8 Celebs Who Love Snapchat Faces & Are Getting In On The Action Like Everyone Else

In what could be the saddest news in social media history, Snapchat has taken back the puking rainbow feature and caused millions of addicts across the nation to mourn. What am I supposed to use to waste my time and annoy my friends now? Well, even though the Snapchat rainbow lens was my favorite feature off the bat, there are actually plenty more lenses available for endless fun. Snapchat said that it would be rotating a new lens every day, so you will have a little surprise everyday when you open up your app. And just like regular people, celebrities are playing around with Snapchat lenses and getting in on the acton, too.

With the loss of the beloved puking rainbow, we gained a terrifying pointy mustache mask, some comic book slaps, and fuming nostrils, which are all very important for your daily life. Some of the most social media savvy celebs, like Kylie Jenner, have obviously been keeping up with every new update and posting photos with every lens to their adoring fans. Since the fun new filters are proving to be irresistible to everyone, here are some of the best celebrity Snapchat faces that are both frightening and hilarious. Celebs: They're in bed wasting time — just like us!

1. Ashley Benson

Oh man. I miss the aging feature, too!

2. Miranda Kerr

Seems like her rumored new Snapchat CEO boyfriend got her in on the action.

3. Jake Short

I have that eye problem too.

4. Diplo

Just a casual hang with friends.

5. Kylie Jenner

This has to be the scariest one yet!

6. Calvin Harris

CelebritySnapz on YouTube

He went black and white with it.

7. Dinah Hansen

That little kid is my hero.

8. Joe Jonas And His Band, DNCE

Snapchat faces can be a group activity, too!

I guess I don't have to feel bad at all that time I spend picking out the best filter, right?