'Duck Dynasty' Empire Begins to Crumble

Though Phil Robertson is still scoring support from Duck Dynasty fans everywhere, some are unwilling to side with the family following the homophobic slurs Robertson recently made in an interview with GQ. Cracker Barrel has decided to pull some of its Duck Dynasty merchandise from its stores, writing in a statement on its Facebook page, “Cracker Barrel’s mission is Pleasing People. We operate within the ideals of fairness, mutual respect and mutual treatment of all people,” according to Fox News.

It's an interesting, but refreshing, call for the restaurant chain to make — Cracker Barrel had its own run-in with controversy when founder Danny Evins was caught discriminating against gay employees in 1991, trying to have them fired as their “sexual preferences fail to demonstrate normal heterosexual values,” according to the New York Times. But it appears the restaurant might be attempting to redeem their reputation by refusing to side with Robertson.

That said, it seems the chain will still be selling some items in its stores, proving that, though it might not side with Robertson, it might continue to side with the series that moves merchandise.

It's likely other businesses could soon follow suit. Just look at the controversy surrounding another reality star, Food Network's Paula Deen. When she got came under fire for admitting that she had once used the “N” word, her empire crumbled, with chains like Walmart and Sears refusing to carry her merchandise. And Robertson could have it even worse than Deen — after all, the celebrity chef apologized for her intolerant words, whereas the Robertson family still refuses to admit wrongdoing.

So, Cracker Barrel made its decision. Your move, Walmart.

Image: NBC, Tumblr