Mindy's Fairytale With Danny Could Be In Danger

It's all coming together, just like the perfect romantic comedy movie. Mindy gave birth on The Mindy Project on Tuesday, which considering we got a proposal last week, things are really shaping up to become a pretty damn good season, if I do say so myself. After an episode full of rom com tropes, Mindy and Danny welcomed their son, Leo Castellano, to the world, and boy — what a cutie. (Also, Leo for Leonardo da Vinci, not DiCaprio, but I believe it can be open to interpretation.) But with all of these amazing things falling into place, is there a chance that Mindy's happily ever after might not happen?

I'm not being a Negative Nancy here, I'm just being realistic. After a whirlwind episode of Mindy almost giving birth by Deslaurier midwife, on the subway, Danny got to her and held her hand through the experience she was secretly afraid of. First of all, why was Mindy secretly afraid of giving birth? It's a pretty terrifying concept, on top of knowing that at the end of it, you now have a human to take care of. I digress, the birth went well — although it wasn't in a "baby retrieval suite" that appeared to be decorated by Cookie Lyons — and little Leo is now in all of our lives.

But is that where the good is going to end? I love Danny and Mindy together. I have from the very beginning, and will to the very end. And while this show is a comedy, every romantic comedy fan knows that there is always something that derails the couple's happily ever after in the third act (let's say mid-season). As much as it pains me to mutter these words, I think there could be a storm headed towards our happy couple. Think about it, is the rest of the season going to be Mindy and Danny figuring out the wacky world of parenting, meanwhile having it all in their careers and social lives? That sounds too perfect.

Plus, our lead couple hasn't exactly been immune to bumps in the past. Just last season, Danny and Mindy hit a rough patch when Danny didn't want to marry Mindy. He changed his mind when he saw how in love Mindy's parents were in the first episode, but a zebra can't change their stripes. Perhaps Danny will move back into the "too-scarred-to-marry" sector of men, which will definitely throw a wrench into the perfect couple.

Either way, Mindy and Danny are end game. But that doesn't mean we don't have to work to get to that end game. While there is a lot more at stake now with the addition of Leo, the show will most likely remain true to itself and show the ups and downs of Mindy's relationships.

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