'Glee's Dot-Marie Jones Announces Her Life-Changing News via Twitter

Another day, another adorable celebrity wedding announced via twitter. This time it's Glee's Dot-Marie Jones, who married her longtime girlfriend. Excuse me while we picture the Glee kids serenading them as they walk down the aisle. That's real life, right? Jones popped the question to her girlfriend, Bridgett Casteen, this past October while the two were at Disneyland. They tied the knot Saturday night at their Los Angeles home — at an event where they invited the guests over in the guise of a Holiday party, but which turned out to be a wedding. So yeah, that's pretty freaking cute.

Back when they got engaged (the same week as fellow Gleeer Naya Rivera), Jones told The Advocate some further swoonage:

Jones is predominantle known as Shannon Bieste on Glee, but those who have long memories and/or worshipped at the alter of Lizzie McGuire as thoroughly as I did will not that she was also the gym teacher Coach Kelly in Lizzie McGuire, which should be remembered often and re-watched at least once.

We wish Jones and her new wife a life of love and happiness, and are secretly hoping that Hillary Duff was at that wedding.