13 Must-Have Items From Kate Spade's Surprise Sale

What better way to beat your Tuesday blues than with a sale? Kate Spade is having a surprise sale for three days, and items are 75% off. Yup, you read that correctly! If you're looking for a sign to invest in a new handbag, this is it. Given that, according to Racked, the company has cut back on sales in a potential effort to be more exclusive, this is your big chance to get some steeply discounted Kate Spade designs.

With everything from perfectly printed dresses and swimwear to oversized totes and handbag available at lower prices, this sale is the perfect way to ring in the fall season. Every single item is more than half-off, and there's free-shipping available with a purchase of $175 or more. With clothing priced as low as $29 and some handbags down to $49, this bargain is certainly one of the best you're going to get.

Any sale that brings $400+ purses down to the $100-range is my kind of sale. This is the perfect time to start your holiday shopping list. Heck, it's the perfect time to #TreatYoSelf too. There's no shame in stocking up on some goodies to help celebrate making it through the summer months. With a new season upon us, there's no better way to get in the mood for chilly weather than by stocking up with a few sale items. Hurry, the clock is ticking!

1. Grant Street Floral Jules

The beautiful tote bag is down from $298 to $99. Yes, you read that correctly.

(Grant Street Floral Jules, Kate Spade, $99)

2. Flower Glitter Stud Set

it's now possible to bedazzle your earlobes for as low as $29, down from $68.

(Flower Glitter Stud Set, Kate Spade, $29)

3. Parrot Cay Color Block Bralette

Gear up for next summer with this color-block bikini, now for just $35.

(Parrot Cay Color Blocking Bralette, Kate Spade, $35)

4. Peggy Heels

Walk away with these signature spotted Kate Spade heels for $175, down from $350.

(Peggy Heels, Kate Spade, $175)

5. Charlotte Street Aleck

Can you believe that a purse this chic is only $79?!

(Charlotte Street Aleck, Kate Spade, $79)

6. Work Your Magic Hinged Idiom Bracelet

This adorable little bangle used to be $98, but you can now snag it for $39.

(Work Your Magic Hinged Idiom Bracelet, Kate Spade, $39)

7. Guipure Lace Scallop Top

Originally $278, this lace top is down to $99.

(Guipure Lace Scallop Top, Kate Spade, $99)

8. Sweetheart Scallops Necklace

Make a statement this fall with this $49 necklace. That $100-off original price!

(Sweetheart Scallop Necklace, Kate Spade, $49)

9. Wellesly Stacy

This light and bright little wallet is just $49, down from $148.

(Wellesly, Kate Spade, $49)

10. Mikas Pond Bee

Perfect for fall on-the-go fashion, this wristlet is now $39.

(Mikas Pond Bee, Kate Spade, $39)

11. Leandra Sunglasses

It's never too early to stock up on new sunnies, especially when they're on sale for $69.

(Leandra Sunglasses, Kate Spade, $69)

12. Yarn Dyed Striped Shift Dress

What once would've cost you $398 is now down to $149.

(Yarn Dyed Striped Shift Dress, Kate Spade, $149)

13. Cove Street Colorblock Pippa

This color is perfect for any season, and it's down from $398 to $139.

(Cove Street Colorblock Pippa, Kate Spade, $139)

If anyone is looking for holiday gifts for me, look no further!

Images: Kate Spade (13)