Friends of Ricky 'Lord Infamous' Dunigan Take to Twitter after death of Three 6 Mafia Member

Ricky Dunigan, a founding member of the group Three 6 Mafia, otherwise known as "Lord Infamous," died Friday night at the age of 40. The rapper, who was staying at his mother’s house at the time, was found dead when she returned home. According to a phone interview between The Hollywood Reporter and his uncle and Three 6 Mafia member, DJ Paul, Dunigan reportedly “passed away in his sleep from a heart attack.”

The rap group, which initially formed in their native Memphis, Tennessee, was earlier known as Backyard Posse and Triple 6 Mafia before taking their current title as Three 6 Mafia. The group began with members DJ Paul, Lord Infamous, Juicy J and Koopsta Knicca before including Crunchy Black and Gangsta Boo to their music family. They released their first album, Mystic Stylez, in 1995 and most notably won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2006 for “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp,” which was used in the film Hustle and Flow.

Many of Dunigan’s friends and family have taken to social media to show their condolences and to recognize Dunigan for his impact on the music industry. Similarly, Lord Infamous fans everywhere have taken to the Internet to express their sorrow for the loss of this rapper, with some commenting on his inspirational lyrics and others saying that his music will live on.