Taylor Swift Dancing With A Fan Will Make Your Day

Since the 1989 tour kicked off in May, Taylor Swift has been full of surprises, and the latest one might also be the most adorable. Remember Dylan Barnes, the ridiculously cute redheaded 7-year-old whose dancing video to "Shake It Off" went viral last month? His slick moves caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres (as cute children on the internet tend to do), which led to him recently appearing on her show, where DeGeneres awarded him with tickets to see Swift in Kansas City on Monday night. And as if that wasn't exciting enough? Not only did he get to meet his idol backstage at the concert, but Swift and Barnes danced to "Shake It Off," too, and the resulting video is basically the cutest thing I've ever seen.

After the show, Swift took to Instagram to share the video of her and Barnes busting their best moves to the song, and it's obvious how much she cares about her fans, especially the littlest, cutest ones. And now, Barnes has walked away with an amazing memory now that he is living one of my biggest dreams: Being BFF with Swift. If I had known it was as easy as dancing crazy on the internet, I would have uploaded my video long ago.

And if Swift is now in the business of bringing adorable, talented kids from YouTube on stage, I have a few suggestions for her.

This Baby Who Is Amazing At Lip-Synching

I mean, she's trying... adorably.

Audrey, Who is A Singing & Dancing Machine

I am obsessed with Audrey. Despite the fact that she suffers from a rare disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia, she doesn't let it get her down. Her happiness jumps off the screen. Watch this and try not to smile. I dare you.

This Dad & Daughter Duo

Anyone whose dad will put on a horse mask and dance with them on the internet without fear of embarrassment deserves an award (or at least free tickets).

These Girl Scouts Who Remade "Blank Space"

I mean, not that I needed convincing to buy Girl Scout cookies, but if I did, this would definitely do it.

Swift, get on this. There are zillions of kids out there who need to dance with you. Plus, me. You know, if you have time.