6 Clues That 'Zoo' Is Coming Back

For most primetime television shows that debut in the fall, there's a pretty simple series of events that determine whether or not it's canceled and, if not, when it will return. However, with summer shows that all goes out the open window. For example, will there be a Zoo Season 2? With no word from the network, I have to resort to social media for clues. [UPDATE: Deadline reports Zoo has been renewed for Season 2.]

The series, based on a James Patterson novel, just completed its first season on CBS. Zoo is about the investigation of several mysterious animal attacks. The animals are sick, and the race is on to find the cure before everyone gets mauled. It's basically like Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead, and Madagascar rolled into one. The show does use real animals as actors, something PETA wasn't too pleased about when the show premiered. However, it was popular both on social media and in the ratings.

Plus, there's a killer cast that includes Mad Men and The Crazy Ones' James Wolk, as well as Nonso Anozie from Game of Thrones,Billy Burke from Revolution and Twilight, and Kristen Connolly from Cabin in the Woods and House of Cards. What are their thought about a Season 2? I have to say, it doesn't look like we have much to worry about. Here are some social media clues about Zoo getting renewed.

1. The Cast Is Hopeful

He's clearly not worried that those followers will be disappointed soon. Anozie may be promoting Pan at the moment, but there's room for more Zoo on the horizon.

2. Seriously, They're Hopeful

Note that he also specifies that the season is over and not the show or series at large. That's great! They clearly haven't moved on yet.

3. Really, Super, Hopeful

Plus, the show only just finished. There's plenty of time for a decision to be made.

4. There's International Appeal

That's definitely a good thing! If Zoo can make CBS money overseas, that's a big benefit to keeping it going on American shores.

5. The Campaign Is On

CBS doesn't necessarily have a nasty reputation for killing off shows too soon or anything, so any fan support is likely to go a long way.

6. Even The Creator's Weighing In

There's no point in their survival if the show isn't renewed, right?

Image: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/CB