Will 'Zoo' Return For Season 2? Things Are Pretty Up In The Air For The CBS Drama

Who says summer TV was boring? I actually found myself enjoying the CBS drama series Zoo , which stars the very handsome James Wolk (who you probably recognize as Bob Benson from Mad Men). But, will Zoo return for Season 2? The season finale airs Tuesday night and there hasn't been any official word from CBS on whether or not the series will be back next summer. While the freshman drama about mysterious animal attacks has been facing low ratings recently, Variety declared it to be the summer’s most-watched scripted new series and the No. 2 new drama among the 18-49 demographic. That could bode well for it. [UPDATE: Deadline reports Zoo has been renewed for Season 2.]

Zoo follows zoologist Jackson Oz (Wolk) as he investigates a wave of strange animal attacks, and the TV series based on the James Patterson novel of the same name. Back in June, the series premiered to pretty solid ratings, but animal rights advocacy group PETA protested the show's use of real animals. "PETA hopes Zoo will be one of this summer’s first cancellations," the animal rights organization said in a statement, according to Variety. But CBS responded that safety was always first when using the animals. "Everyone involved with Zoo has tremendous respect for PETA and its cause," the network said. "The care, safety, and overall well-being of any animal on our set is a top priority of the production."

So, though it debuted amongst criticism from PETA, and it hasn't exactly had steady ratings, there's no need to fear if it does get cancelled. Whether or not Zoo returns to our TVs — you'll be able to get your fix. Here are some shows that are similar to the series.

1. 12 Monkeys On SyFy

Based on the 1995 Bruce Willis movie of the same name, this series will give you a dose of mystery and potential destruction to humanity. A time traveler from the year 2043 comes back in time to day to stop a deadly virus from killing most of humanity.

2. Call Of The Wildman On Animal Planet

Get your animal fix right here. Woodsman Ernie Brown, Jr. (aka "The Turtleman") catches and releases what are known as "nuisance animals" (raccoons, foxes, squirrels). The show also follows the catch-and-release business he owns and operates in Kentucky.

3. The Last Ship On TNT

Mystery? Check. A pandemic? Check. And a hunk (Eric Dane)? Double check. This popular TNT summer series stars Dane as the captain of a naval destroyer that survives the tragedy.

4. My Cat From Hell On Animal Planet

Look, house cats can be cute, but they can also be mean and have unique personalities all their own. It's up to cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy to solve these feline issues.

5. Finding Bigfoot On Animal Planet

You know what this one's about: This team investigates that mythical ferocious beast. It's not Zoo, but at least it's something, right?

6. Animal Videos On YouTube

Whether you want to see animals being cuddly, being vicious, or just being natural, YouTube has got all those videos and more.

Fingers crossed that Zoo returns in summer 2016 for Season 2. But, even if it doesn't, I've got you covered.

Image: Cook Allender, Steve Dietl/CBS