Steve Should Spend His 'BB17' Prize Money On This

We are now so close to the Big Brother 17 finale, we can start counting down in terms of hours. Soon, we'll have a winner for the final HoH competition of the year, we'll know who makes it to the Final 2, and who's going home $500,000 richer. For nearly 100 days, the houseguests have been waiting for this. In addition to contemplating what's in store for them after BB17 is over, it's fun to think about what the grand prize, runner-up, and America's Favorite Houseguest winners will do with their earnings. So, what does Steve plan on doing with his Big Brother prize money if he wins?

At the start of the season, Steve insisted that he cares very little about winning any money while on Big Brother this summer. As a lifelong BB fan, just making it into the house and competing in such a unique competition was a prize all its own for Steve. For that reason, and probably because he didn't expect to make it this far, he doesn't really seem to have any plans for the prize money. However, there are a few things we can presume about how he might spend the money.

1. Pay Back His Parents For College

Steve has made it clear that he's never had to manage money throughout his life. When he had a job, he gave the money to his parents because they were paying for his college education. It's probably a safe bet that he'd at least try to pay back some more of that money to help alleviate any financial stress his parents might have.

2. Buy A Vacation For His Parents

As the ultimate momma's boy and total family guy, it's not surprising that Steve has expressed wanting to send his parents on vacation. Such a sweetheart!

3. Donate To Charity

Steve has indicated that he'd like to use his BB fame to raise money for charity, so it's likely that he'll want to donate some of his prize money as well. Whether it's for hungry children or another cause, Steve is ready to do some good in the world.

4. Become Independent

One more thing Steve is likely to do with his money is save it up to become financially independent. He still lives with his family and will probably be ready to move out at least when he graduates college, if not earlier.

Will Steve actually win the grand prize and get to put it to good use? We'll find out soon!

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Image: CBS