Steve Has Some Time To Fill After 'Big Brother 17'

As the three remaining houseguests enter their final week in the Big Brother house, I'm sure they have plenty to think about. Not just in terms of how the last week will play out, but also what their lives have in store once they re-enter the real world. For 98 days, the houseguests had little to no contact with the outside world, and I'm sure they're eager to get back home. I'm particularly curious about what Steve will do after Big Brother 17.

We know from the live feeds that he plans on going to grad school next year, and the summer and fall was his time to choose between various music and musical theater programs across the country. By now, he's talked through his options with probably every houseguest, and although I'm not sure he's any closer to deciding, I do know that he has an extra semester to think it over. Big Brother came at an interesting time for Steve, starting just before his senior year in college, and making it this far in the game means he missed his window to enroll in the fall semester, leaving him a semester behind in school. This means that when he gets home, he has nothing much to do until January 2016.

Luckily, there are a few different things Steve can do between Big Brother and going back to school.

Start Dating

Steve has admitted that he's not exactly a ladies' man, but he's had an entire summer of being around other people to boost his confidence. He's got all those adorable jokes and corny pick-up lines just begging to be used outside the BB house, and now is his time to take them out for a test drive. He probably won't date Julia, but I'm sure he can find somebody awesome to date.

Complete His Dreamboat Transformation

Since entering the Big Brother house, Steve has transformed right before our eyes. Why not take advantage of having several months off and take his transformation to the next level? If he wins the $500,000 or $50,000, he'll have a nice chunk of change to freshen up his wardrobe, or do whatever else he wants.

Meet Big Brother's All-Stars

As an ultimate BB superfan, Steve has probably been waiting his whole life to become friends with some of Big Brother 's greatest players. A lot of them seem very sweet and friendly, and I'm sure he's excited about meeting as many as he can — especially if he wins Big Brother 17 and can join that exclusive winners club.

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Image: CBS